Paper Cutz



Paper Cutz was founded by Shari Escott & Cathy Strauss in 2013. Their business was born out of a need for peace during a challenging time in their lives. Art Therapy brought them calm and tranquility, and they soon realized they had found something they wanted to pursue beyond a hobby. They took a leap of faith and decided to take their art to the people. After their first show, they knew they had a good thing. Paper Cutz has given them an appreciation for the power of creative expression and its healing power, as well as the pleasure one gets from meeting so many wonderful people.

Not just anyone could take crafting and turn it into a business. Shari dreamed of being an artist as a young girl, but discouragement and life stood in her way. This therapeutic, creative exploration extracted the dormant artist within her and created opportunities unavailable following high school. Now she creates beautiful collage art out of vintage paper—scouring antique and vintage shops for exactly the right pieces to craft the whole. Every design is unique, and the materials themselves are related to the subjects of the artwork.  Whether it’s a bowl full of old matchbooks, a 50-year-old hat box or rolls full of vintage wall paper, Shari will find a place for it. She hand-cuts each piece and glues it into place to produce a visual story full of history and imagination. 

With Cathy’s flair for business and their continued support of each other, this duo cannot be stopped. Their evolving, city centric brand continues to turn out new work regularly at a price point for everyone and every occasion.



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Paper Cutz artist, Shari Escott, grew up in Staten Island and now calls Chagrin Falls, Ohio, her home. It has always been her dream to create. "I love the hunt for the material, making a collage come to life and tell a story." Sharing her art at local art fairs is also one of her favorite things. "Watching a customer read through an old newspaper or postcard in a piece is really fun to watch. So many memories come out and it's a gratifying moment."

Cathy Strauss

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Cleveland native, Cathy Strauss, handles sales and marketing for Paper Cutz. Cleveland is just the beginning for Paper Cutz. "We are branching out to many other cities and it's so exciting watching our collection grow!"